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Children learn by doing and play is their work.  Kindergarten programs not only help prepare children for grade one, but also set a foundation for later school success.  Children learn how to interact with others and to see themselves as individuals and learners.  Bellevue Kindergarten follows the Alberta Education’s Kindergarten Statement to provide learner expectations in the seven learner areas:

  • Early Literacy
  • Early Numeracy
  • Citizenship & Identity
  • Environment & Community Awareness
  • Personal & Social Responsibility
  • Physical Skills & Well Being
  • Creative Expression

All kindergarten parents are encouraged to become involved in the Bellevue Local Advisory Committee.

When Is My Child Eligible To Attend Kindergarten?

Children may begin Kindergarten in a school within the Division in September if they are five (5) years of age by the end of the following February*. An exception is allowed in cases where special learning needs have been identified and an earlier entrance into Kindergarten is desirable.

*Subject to change for the 2020 – 2021 school year based on amendments to the School Act.

How Do I Register My Child?

Visit this link to register online. 

Registration for the upcoming school year begins in early January the year prior.

At Bellevue, in 2019-2020, we are offering half-day, morning Kindergarten programs in French and English.   This can vary from year to year, and is offered depending upon sufficient enrollment, space and resources.

Supporting documentation (copy of birth certificate, and proof of residency) is required when registering your child.  It can be uploaded through the registration portal, or brought to the school to be copied.

Is Transportation Provided for ECS?

Kindergarten students follow the regular Black Gold Regional Transportation policy.  It should be noted if the ECS Program is a half-day program, there is no bussing available from Black Gold for the end of the morning program.  Some Beaumont childcare providers do provide transportation at noon.