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October 18 – 22th

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We have had a great start to the school year.  Students and teachers are doing great things in their classrooms.  Lots of fun activities and excellent learning is taking place.  For the month of October, we are going to focus on “Respect.”  We will have virtual assemblies throughout the month.  As always, we recognize our students through our positive referrals.  Our next assembly is on Monday.   Please check our school facebook page for more


Next meeting is on Wednesday, Oct 20th.  6:30 and 7:00pm.  We will post the meeting link on our facebook page, the day of the meeting.  They are looking for parents for positions.


We are noticing an increasing number of students arriving at school late.  School does begin at 8:30am.  Staff appreciate students being on time for school. 

Please do not send your child with toys to school. We want to respect our COVID restrictions and students have also been trading their toys.   We want to try and avoid any conflicts. 


If your child is experiencing any illness symptoms or showing signs that they are sick, please keep them home.  We will be asking parents with kids with headaches, runny noses, coughs, etc, to come and pick up their child, if they are sick. Follow the self assessment guidelines and return to school when symptom free.  Students who have been confirmed positive for COVID-19, have had many of these mild symptoms. 


Students in grade 4-6 are required to wear masks indoors.  Please ensure that your child has a mask when they leave for school in the morning.  We have some masks in the office, but they are for lost, damaged, or forgotten. They should not be relied upon for daily use. 


Please review our updated information on our School Emergency Procedures. 


Parent-teacher conferences will be a little different this year. They will be held virtually and over the course of the week of November 2-6. Your teacher will be releasing times and dates to you soon using our online booking system.

Please ensure you book a meeting with your teacher. It is an opportunity to discuss strengths and challenges for your child at school, and most importantly, you can set goals with the teacher for your child.

Just a reminder that we email home report cards on January 28th, 2022. 

As always, please log into your PowerSchool to see your child’s up-to-date progress.


Students are welcome to come to school dressed up in their Halloween costumes on Friday, October 29. We do not have enough washrooms and change rooms to allow students to change at the school like we typically used to do over the lunch hour. We do want to caution you on a few things to keep in mind should your child/ren come to school dressed for the entire day. Please note that your child/ren will:

  • be eating throughout the day with his/her costume on
  • your child has to be able to properly wear his/her mask and be able to wash their hands
  • we cannot have any shared or donated food, so please do not send any treats
  • as usual, we do not condone any violent costumes or accessories, please be school appropriate

Please make sure that your child’s costume is appropriate for our school and respectful for all ages.  They should be respectful of the diversity of our school community.

Please do not bring costumes with any fake or real weapons. 

Please do not send treats for your child’s classroom.  Students can bring treats for themselves and not for the rest of the class. 

We cannot allow accessories as part of a child’s costume due to the nature of such items being lost throughout the school and possibly picked up/shared with other students. 

We are also encouraging Orange and Black Day for Friday, October 29th as well. This might be a lot easier for parents and better to save costumes for Halloween.


Do you want a copy of our last’s yearbook?  Contact the office and they can help you out. 


Oct 29- Black and Orange or Dress up for Halloween

November 2-6- Parent- Teacher Interviews (virtual)

November 8-12 – Mid Term Break- No School

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