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Active for Life

Active for Life Program


The Active for Life Program is for students who want more activity as part of their educational experience. The students would participate in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor athletic activities during the school week. They will do a different activity every week, one time per week. They will set personal goals and reflect on their own performance. They will develop an appreciation of being active for life. They will also develop many social and cooperative skills.

The goals for the students would be to:

increase student opportunities to be physically active in unique environments.
give students the opportunity to explore their individual talents through activities both in and out of the school.
empower students to take control of their own wellness, by offering them wellness opportunities through a balance of activities focusing on the body, mind and spirit.
help students become healthy, motivated, life long and physically active individuals.
provide an alternate school program to suit a variety of learner needs.

Students interested in the Active for Life Program should be looking to have fun and willing to try new things. They will gain confidence, explore their talents, and gain leadership through the unique activities and opportunities.

Sample of Potential Activities: (subject to AHS guidelines due to COVID-19)

Variety of team sports- like basketball, volleyball, soccer, etc
Swimming and other Aquatic Sports
Rock Climbing
Team Building Challenges
Bootcamp/Crossfit and other fitness pursuits
Biking and other wheeled activities
Canoeing and kayaking
Obstacle Training (Ninja Warrior)
Outdoor Pursuits- Biking, Hiking, skiing, snowshoeing
Alternative Sports- Ultimate, handball, racquet sports

We are looking for positive individuals who will contribute to a positive and rewarding environment for all participants. They will be supportive of all of those who are participating. It is expected that students behave in accordance with our school’s expectations and code of student conduct.

This program requires students to participate in all activities, as they cannot opt in and out of certain activities. During the first part of the year, we will be only using the Beaumont Sport and Recreation Centre and outdoor spaces. Our ability to use other facilities will be dependent on Black Gold’s Extracurricular Guidelines. All activities would be offered at an introductory level with proper instruction and support being offered at all times. Students do not need to be of any particular skill-level to join and experience the benefits. This is an inclusive program.

Parents and Teachers will work together to come up with expectations, regarding academics.


This program is open to all Grade 5-6 students. It is only available to Bellevue School students. Students can register for one term or for the full year. If a child wants to discontinue with the program, they may, but will forfeit their deposit. If a child is injured, they can opt out of the program, at no cost, while injured.

If cost is a concern for your family, please contact Mr. Larson.

For any other information or questions, please contact Mr. Larson at 780-929-8663 or erik.larson@blackgold.ca