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Grade 3, 4, 5 & 6 After School Running Club

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Fall Running Club – Grades 3, 4, 5 & 6

Dear Parent(s) and / or Guardian(s),Starting on Wednesday, September 5, 2018 the Bellevue Fall Running Club will begin.

Practices will be held after school, on the following days, from 3:20 PM until approximately 3:50 PM.

Wednesday, September 5
Monday, September 10
Wednesday, September 12
Wednesday, September 17
Monday, September 19
Wednesday, September 24
Monday, September 26
Monday, October 1
Wednesday, October 3 – No running club / early dismissal
Monday, October 8 – No running club / Thanksgiving / No School
Wednesday, October 10
Additional dates may be added.

There are no fees for the running club.*

* There is a possibility that we may participate in optional events. Any fees and required, or transportation associated with these optional events will be the responsibility of the participant(s).

The running club will meet outside near the south-central doors of Bellevue. Runners must check in and check out at each session. Students are encouraged to wear clothing and shoes suitable for athletics and the weather. Prompt transportation home after each session will be the responsibility of you and your child, and must be arranged ahead of time.

The club is open to all students in Grades 3 to 6. No experience is necessary, as the focus will be on participation. The training runs will follow a variety of 1 to 5 kilometer routes near the school.

There will be 3 group options to promote success for all students, Running Club coaches will help students determine the group that is best for them and reassess as needed.
Group 1- fast paced walk with some running (this group will have a brisk walk, usually 1 – 2 km)
Group 2- a beginner running group (these runners will have a slow pace but run consistently, about 2 – 3 km)
Group 3- established runners (these runners will have a faster pace – often completing around 3 – 4 km)

The runs will be supervised by several volunteer staff members. Parent volunteers are welcome to participate by walking or running with the students. If you have any questions, please contact