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Treasure Life Bead Fundraiser

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This event finished on 30 May 2019

Evan Ty Jenkins was a student at Bellevue. In his memory, the Jenkins family administrates a Foundation to raise public awareness and help children and their families that have been affected by pediatric heart disease and/or stroke. Their mission statement is to” treasure cardiac children and support their journey through research, education and stroke prevention”.  

May 30th, 2019 would have been Evans 20th birthday.  École Bellevue School will be having a special project to help raise money for Evan’s Foundation. In the last week of May, we will be providing beads and lengths of cord to every child at Bellevue School so they can make a Treasure Life necklace.

On May 28th, each student can choose up to 3 beads and use them to make a necklace in class. There is no charge for the necklace, we want every child to be able to participate and understand the cause of the Foundation. Additional beads will be available on May 28th, 29th and 30th at lunch hour recess for those students wishing to extend their bead chains. Children who have participated in this program in the past three years can add to their existing chain or start a new one. The extra beads will cost .25 cents each with specialty beads also available at an additional cost. Any donations received from this project will be given to the Foundation to fund ongoing equipment and programs for Cardiac Kids and their families at the Stollery Children’ Hospital. Purchases such as INR machines (to check the thickness or thinness of a child’s blood to help prevent the incidence of stroke) Oximeters (to monitor oxygen levels) help children to get home sooner because they can be monitored at home.

 Thank you in advance for your support for this very special project. The participation of Bellevue students for over a decade has been outstanding and very much appreciated!

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